The Adula Utoe hut is currently unattended and the reopening is scheduled from mid-June to the end of September 2019.

A winter room is at your disposal and you will find a refectory, a kitchen, a dormitory as well as wood for cooking and heating (make a conscientious use thinking to next visitors). You can find some drinks. Please register yourself in the hut book and pay for your stay using the deposit slip. During winter time you will NOT find running water or food.

We are already working on the next season and we are pleased to welcome you at 2393 meters. Starting next spring, you will find updates on next year’s activities.

For further information or bookings, please contact us by e-mail: adula@utoe.ch

We wish you a wonderful winter,

Lisa Foletti and Ciril Noto


We are Lisa and Ciril.
After several seasons spent at the Moiry hut in Valais, and after the birth of our twins, we decided to become hutkeepers ourselves.
The opportunity arose with the Adula hut UTOE mountaineering association. This beautiful building belongs to this association of true lovers of our peaks.
Our objective is to share our pleasure of living and working in the mountains with you and all within our family.

Me, Ciril, during the winter I am a ski instructor at The Villars Ski School.
For me, a good job is only a good job if combined with human contact and the mountains. While me, Lisa, I am a stage designer for theater and cinema but I still love the particular reality of the hut: living and welcome you at 2393 m.

We work with Nico and we also collaborate with many others: friends and UTOE’s members and volunteers.

Together we will offer you home cooking: cakes and breads cooked in a wood oven, cheeses and delicatessen of the region, artisan drinks and fine wine.
We are attentive to products, suppliers and recycling.

We let ourselves be enchanted by the little things and the great horizons …
And we wait for you at the hut, where we will give you the warmest of welcomes.


Hut Quarnei: 2 hours
Hut Länta: 5,5 hours
Hut Zapporth: 5 hours
Hut Motterascio: 5,15 hours


There is a crag with climbing routes and from this year we intend to expand it. And promote the discipline in the area.


Adula (3402 m)
Vogelberg (3218 m)
Cramorino (3134 m)
Cassimoi (3129 m)
Logia (3080 m)
Pizzo Baratin (3037 m)

Mountaineering has to be practiced with appropriate equipment and with the necessary knowledge of mountain environment.


We plan to host a few events – small art exhibitions, shows, music and talks related to the mountains.
For more information please click here. If you wish to subscribe to our newletter we can send you updates on our adventures!
During next summer we will be partner with Montagne Pulite through the Sherpa’s Project


The Adula UTOE hut is located at 2,393 m in Val Carassina, in the municipality of Blenio, Ticino.


By car A2 motorway, exit in Biasca towards Olivone, Campo Blenio and then Luzzone dam.
By train (S10) to Biasca.
From Biasca by bus (nr.113) to Ghirone for access via Val Carassina (change car in Olivone).


In the Val Carassina:
from the Luzzone dam: 3.15 hours
from the dam Compietto: 2.5 hours
– Via alta della Val Carassina (T5 / T6): 7 hours from the Compietto dam


Dangio from the Val Soi

In absence or with the agreement of the hutkeepers a separate wood-burning stove is available and there are always drinks. There is no running water.


At the end of the beautiful Val Carassina, in the Val di Blenio, it takes a last effort, to climb to 2393 m where you will finally reach the Adula UTOE hut. Here the landscape will envelope you and yet this is a hike that is family friendly.

The hut is located at the foot of the Cima della Negra and is the access point to the Bresciana glacier, which reaches the summit at 3402 m. The Adula is the highest peak in Ticino and is also ideal for novice mountaineers. Adula UTOE (Unione Ticinese Workers Hikers) was founded in 1923 as a shelter for all, without distinction, to enjoy the Alpine environment.

HUT CLOSED FROM 01.10.2018

There are two dorms of 20 and 32 beds. The beds are divided into couples or triplets.
For the overnight stay the sack sheet is mandatory, available at the hut for those who do not have it. All beds have warm quilts.
There are two internal WCs and a shower.


We pay particular attention to food and hospitality. We offer simple and well-kept dishes, both hot and cold. Half-board, which is dinner and breakfast, is served as tradition in a Swiss hut: soup, main course and dessert. In the morning you will find a hearty breakfast and a hot tea to fill your water bottle. Also you can ask for availability for lunch and a snack or a picnic to take with you. We have two bright lunchrooms and a beautiful view from our cozy terrace!


You are kindly requested to book your half-board and overnight stay, in order to offer you maximum hospitality. Reservations are made by phone or email.


Payment at the hut is possible only in cash (CHF or Euro).
Rates are shown in the table below and include value added tax (VAT).



Notify us in time if you are vegetarian / vegan or if you suffer from allergies or intolerances. So we can prepare a menu that matches your needs.
Tell us if you plan to bring your dog. He will be welcome, but he will not be allowed to enter the hut. We provide the woodshed, a sheltered and dry place, equipped with wool blankets and water bowls.


Please inform us by telephone of any cancellation, by the evening of the previous day and, in the case of groups of more than 10 people two days before. The hut keepers reserve the right to request a compensation if the booking is not cancelled in good time (general terms and conditions of the Swiss Alpine Club).


Capanna Adula UTOE
6719 Aquila
+41 (0)91 872 16 75 (from 22.06 to xx.xx)


Lisa Foletti and Ciril Noto
Chemin du Carroz 9
1882 Gryon (VD)
+41 (0)77 459 96 11


Utoe Bellinzona
PO BOX 2693
6500 Bellinzona


Daniele Delcò (Administrator)
6517 Arbedo
+41 (0)79 621 53 65

Massimo Bognuda (Alpine Guide)
+41 (0)79 284 89 58